Speaking at 4CEE Tech Talk about Dapr

4CEE tech talk

TLDR: Download the slides | Dapr Quickstarts repository

Jeffrey Bosch invited me to give a tech talk at the 4CEE meetup in Ede on Thu 12th of Oct. It was a busy week with both Techorama and DevOpsDays Eindhoven, but I was glad I could join this meetup and show people the benefits of building applications with Dapr. The event was very well organized, the turn-out was great, and this was only the second time they organized such a thing! 👏

The other speaker at this meetup was Stacy Cashmore, who talked about creating a blog website using Blazor and Azure Static Web Apps. Stacy is a great speaker, I really enjoy her enthusiasm and the funny jokes she makes while doing live coding. 🚀

Marc close-up

I gave an introductory session about Dapr, the distributed application runtime, and demonstrated service-to-service invocation, pub/sub messaging, and state management. Thanks everyone for attending and asking good questions!

My slides can be downloaded here. A good starting point for learning Dapr is the Dapr Quickstarts repository on GitHub. Do you have questions about Dapr? Please join the Dapr Discord and ask away!