Sponsoring Techorama NL and (re-)connecting with the community ❤️

Selfie at the booth

On Tuesday and Wednesday this week (10 & 11 Oct), I was at Techorama in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Techorama is a well-known conference in both the Netherlands and Belgium, and both editions attract a large number of developers. This time I wasn't a speaker or attendee, but I was there as a sponsor representing Diagrid.

Sponsoring this event was a great opportunity for Diagrid to increase the awareness around both Dapr and Diagrid, and I had a lot of fun at the booth talking to people about Dapr, the benefits of using it, as well as explaining Diagrid and the products we're making.

Lego builders

Since I'm a big Lego fan myself, and I know many people in IT are as well, I decided to bring a box of Lego pieces, so attendees could build their own Lego microservice, connect it to other services, resulting in a large distributed application. This turned out to a big success, many developers stopped by to build a service (or two), and the result really looked like a (chaotic) Lego artwork. Thanks for building everyone! 🏗️

Lego top down view

At the end of the second day, I raffled off an Indiana Jones Lego kit, which was won by Jop. Many congratulations! 🎉

Lego top down view

I'm really happy how this event turned out. I spoke to a lot of people about Dapr & Diagrid, and reconnected with many old friends & former colleagues. I finally met Paul Yuknewicz in-person (thank you for giving some great Dapr sessions 💪).

Special shout-outs go to Alex Thissen, Sander Molenkamp, and Edwin van Wijk for organizing a Dapr workshop on the first day of Techorama 👏. I spoke to many of the workshop attendees and they all enjoyed it and learned a lot.

Dapr stickers

If you want to learn more about Dapr, take a look at the Dapr Quickstarts repository on GitHub. Do you have questions (or feedback) about Dapr? Please join the Dapr Discord and ask away!