Speaking at Swetugg Stockholm 2024

Speaking at Swetugg

TLDR: Download the slides | Catalyst Pizza Demo on GitHub

This week I'm at Swetugg Stockholm where I just gave my session "One API to rule them all: serverless Dapr". This is a brand-new session, where I talked about the various Dapr deployment models, and demonstrated Diagrid Catalyst, a new product that offers true serverless Dapr APIs for communication, data, and workflow. Thanks to everyone who attended my session, the room was fully packed!

As usual, I brought plenty of Dapr stickers for the attendees, and I also brought some Dutch stroopwafels to share with the other speakers.

Stickers and stroopwafels

Shout-out to the Swetugg organizers, they put together a great program, a lovely speaker dinner, and put a lot of effort in creating a relaxing environment for their speakers 🙏.

If you want to know more about Diagrid Catalyst, please visit the Diagrid website. You can sign up for the early access program there. I'd love go get your feedback on the product!