Speaking at NDC Porto about Dapr workflow

Speaking at NDC Porto

TLDR: Download the slides | Dapr workflow demos on GitHub

From Wednesday 18th to Friday 20th October, I was at NDC Porto in Portugal. NDC organizes excellent developer conferences, and I was very happy my abstract "orchestrating your business logic reliably with workflow as code" was accepted 🥳.

By looking at the conference agenda, it was clear that microservices and (event-driven) architecture related talks are very popular currently, so my Dapr talk was a good fit 💪. I couldn't attend many of the other talks, unfortunately, but I'll watch them as soon as they're published on YouTube.

I'm glad my session was well attended, especially when someone like Richard Campbell is giving a talk at the same time 😅. Thanks to everyone for attending, and asking great questions afterwards. I hope to see you at another NDC conference again!

I really like meeting people at these conferences. I spoke to many developers who I haven't met before and talked about Dapr (and pixelart). I also (re)connected with some former colleagues and speaker friends ❤️. It was great to meet you all! 🤗

My slides can be downloaded here. The source code that I showed during the session can be found in this GitHub repo. Do you have questions about Dapr? Please join the Dapr Discord and ask away!