Speaking at FutureTech 2024 about Dapr Actors

Speaking at FutureTech

TLDR: Download the slides | Dapr Actor Demos on GitHub

On April 17th, I spoke at the FutureTech conference in Utrecht, the Netherlands. I gave a session about Dapr Actors, one of the Dapr APIs that allows you to build distributed and concurrent applications using the Actor Model.

Next to my session, there were three other sessions that covered some aspects of Dapr:

  • Microservices Orchestration with Azure Container Apps by Eduard Keilholz
  • DAPR and .NET Aspire: A royal wedding by Florian van Dillen
  • Building Future-Ready Apps with .NET 8 and Azure Serverless Ecosystem by Stas Lebedenko

It was awesome to see so much Dapr content at a conference like FutureTech!

As usual, I brought plenty of Dapr stickers for the conference attendees. All of them were gone by the end of the day 😁.

Thanks to the organizers of FutureTech for inviting me and organizing this event! I really enjoyed meeting many former colleagues and friends again. The speaker dinner the evening before was an excellent opportunity to connect with peers and meet lovely new people.

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