Speaking at Cloudbrew 2023

Speaking at Cloudbrew

TLDR: Download the slides | Dapr actor demos on GitHub

Last Thursday and Friday I was in Mechelen (BE) for Cloudbrew 2023. I gave my session "Lights, camera, action! Building distributed applications with Dapr Actors" on Friday in the auditorium.

Speaking at Cloudbrew(Top two pictures by Andre van den Berg)

It was my second time at CloudBrew, and I really enjoy this mid-size conference held in Lamot conference center, a former beer brewery 🍺. Kudos to the crew for organizing such a welcoming event. I look forward to the next edition!

Selfie with hatDapr stickers

The slides can be downloaded here. The Dapr actor demos can be found in this GitHub repo.

A special shout-out goes to Alex Mang for giving a great introduction to Dapr by giving examples how it speeds up microservice development 🚀. Alex Mang

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