Organizing Dapr Day 2024

Dapr Day 2024

On Feb 21st Cecil Phillip and I MC-ed Dapr Day 2024, an online conference to learn all about the Dapr APIs for building distributed applications and best practices to run your apps in production.

Yaron Schneider, one of the Dapr co-creaters opened the event, followed by sessions from:

  • Alex Mang - Lessons Learnt From Running Dapr-based Apps In Production
  • Robin Konrad - .NET Aspire & Dapr
  • Miroslav Janeski - Dapr Unleashed: Accelerating Microservice Development
  • Irvi Aini - Tracing Simplified: An Introduction to Microservices Observability with Dapr
  • Michiel van Praat - Building fintech solutions with Dapr
  • Gilles Flisch & Lior Nabat - Elia's Strategy for Streamlining Superior .NET 8 Microservices Application Development with Dapr and KubeMQ
  • Mika Krooswijk & Stijn Rutten - Implementing Dapr in an existing environment
  • Kendall Roden - Dapr integrated: A tour of tools, platforms and partnerships backed by Dapr!

You can watch all the sessions in this playlist on YouTube:

Next to MC-ing the event, I also was responsible for organizing the event, assembling a program committee, reviewing sessions, communicating with the speakers, and video editing. Thanks to the CNCF for using their platform for the CfPs and streaming the event! 🙏

I'm looking forward to the next Dapr Day! 😁

Dapr Day 2024 animation

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