Happy accidents

I really love creative coding. It feels quite different compared to coding for work. When I code for work, I do it to achieve a very specific goal; to implement a business feature, or to demonstrate how something works in a proof of concept. With creative coding, my goal is to create something fun or beautiful, where the result is often achieved by happy accidents.

If you're interested in learning (visual) creative coding, I can definitely recommend the Coding Train channel on YouTube. Daniel Shiffman is an amazing teacher, I want to be like him when I grow up 😅.

Creative coding is ideal for educational purposes. It's very rewarding for students to see (or hear) the result of their coding exercises.

P5js sketches

Here are some sketches I made with P5js, a JavaScript library for creative coding based on Processing.

Space Debris

Perfect loop

Dynamic Sol LeWitt

This is an interactive sketch, click around the center of the sketch and the drawing will remain in place. Move away from the center and the drawing will move in that direction. Nodes will disappear when they are close to the edge.

Single Curve Fourier Series

This is an interactive sketch, use the sliders to control the number of nodes and angle of rotation.

Pixelart drawing tool

This is an interactive sketch, click in the cells to draw. Clicking a cell multiple times will change the color.