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Sitecore MVP Summit 2013

Sitecore MVP Summit Miami

This week more than 60 Sitecore MVPs from 10 different countries will attend the first global Sitecore MVP summit. I consider myself very fortunate to be one of them :).

There are quite a few Dutch MVPs and many of them are able to join the summit in Miami. For the non-Dutch MVPs who are attending, I'm pretty sure you'll be able to recognize us ;). (Make sure to check #sitecoremvpsummit on Twitter the next few days!).

Travel & learn

Since I'll be spending quite some time travelling from The Netherlands to the US I thought I can use this time efficiently and catch up with some of the latest software engineering & .Net development news by listening to podcasts. So I installed Podcast Addict (for Android) on my phone and added the following feeds:

Unfortunately I didn't find any active Sitecore related feeds (there used to be one on What I did find was a post describing how to build a podcast feed in Sitecore.

Sitecore dev news

If you want to stay up to date on the latest Sitecore development topics you really need to subscribe to the Sitecore Basics Weekly Newsletter (an excellent initiative by Kiran Patil). In addition it is very useful (and great fun) to watch the Sitecore 7 videos on Youtube or watch them live on Google+.